🎁 Need a group gift for your Wedding or Special Event?

Need a group gift for your Wedding or Special Event?

Customize it, take it with you, and allow your loved ones to create a moment out of everything. Order over 30 units for 15% savings. You can combine different types of bags and watch the savings grow. Plus, add customizable gift wrap and next day fulfillment to get it quick.
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Gift Customizable Bags Designed to Last a Lifetime

• A practical and useable gift for weddings and special events
• Incredibly strong and spill resistant
• Celebrate and customize it for the special day
(Customize it anyway you want including logo or any color – plus leather label 😍)

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"Good bag, right? Good bag."

Don't take our word for it. Let Oprah speak for this best-selling Market Bag.
Each bag features a soft leather handles for easy carry, a tough and spill-proof inner lining, and a chic look that's sure to turn heads. Make it yours (or theirs) by adding custom text especially for your big day.

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Need something that can ship tomorrow?

(And make a lasting impression...)

But what if I need 30 bags that all have a different customizable message on them? No problem! We can have all of your bags customized and shipped by tomorrow.

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"I've bought one for everyone I know!"

"I love this tote - It's my commuter bag! I take it with me when I got to New York City every week and I carry things back and forth form the barm to the house with it. I've bought one for everyone I know!"

-Ina Garten
(Barefoot Contessa)

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“The Market Bag is the new must-have accessory for grocery shopping celebs like Gisele Bündchen and pretty much every fashion blogger on your Pinterest page.”

Investing in People

Every market bag is handcrafted in Bangladesh by people who receive Fair Trade-certified wages, annual profit dividends, and a retirement fund.

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How to customize your bag:
(it's as easy as it gets)

Even if you need an individual message on each of your 10, 30 , 80 bags – We've got you covered.
Select your bag style and color:

Choose between one of our four unique bag shapes. These bags are made to last for years and can carry over 100 lbs – with a water resistant liner that is easy to wipe clean.

Choose your decoration:

High-Definition Print and Monograms Bags are in stock. Ready to ship in 3 days.
(Rush next day fulfillment available)

Craft a message:

Make it yours, or theirs, with unique and personalized text.

Celebrate with Customization.
(and allow the memory to last for years...)

"That tangible connection to a human, not a factory, he notes, illustrates the potential of business to help – even in a complicated, and corrupt business like fashion – and customers appreciate that."
I love the fact that you can customize your bag. In a world where we are so addicted to technology, their idea is to create social change & to get people to open up & converse more with each other.

Get answers to your questions.

Film: Bangladesh Project

Certified B Corporation

In 2004, brothers Raan and Shea Parton founded Apolis with a simple idea that business can create social change. Becoming a Certified B Corporation means we have met higher standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability.

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Ready for a new lifestyle?

How many times have you left the house carrying too much? Or filled the smallest bags only to have everything fall out? Have you wished for a nicer looking bag for that perfect picture?