This Collection is only available April 10-17th ❤️

Celebrate Dog Moms this Mother's Day by Helping Dogs in Need

Customize it, make an impact, take it everywhere. Only available April 10-17th, don't miss out!

Your purchase helps rescue dogs

The Limited Edition Apolis Market Bag, designed by Tuna's Mom, is customizable with any phrase you'd like. Plus, each bag sold donates $10 to the Tuna Fund that helps dogs in need through multiple 501(c)(3) pet charities including: Downtown Dog Rescue (CA), Animal Haven (NY), and The Sato Project (PR).
Customize Now

A tote made for everything..

Carry all the dog supplies or groceries you can fit and look good while you're at it.

Customize Now

Pick a phrase to fit your pet.

Personalize you tote and each bag is customized to match your pet's nickname, celebrate their adoption day, or just a gift for the pet parent.

Customize Now

Only available April 10-17th

All you need to do is:
1. Customize the text.

Make it yours or theirs with personalized text printed on the front.

2. Make an impact.

Each bag donates $10 to multiple 501(c)(3) pet charities.

3. Take it everywhere!

Fill it up with ice, groceries, and pretty much anything else life throws your way.

Make everyday carry fun again.

"That tangible connection to a human, not a factory, he notes, illustrates the potential of business to help – even in a complicated, and corrupt business like fashion – and customers appreciate that."
I love the fact that you can customize your bag. In a world where we are so addicted to technology, their idea is to create social change & to get people to open up & converse more with each other.

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How many times have you left the house carrying too much? Or filled the smallest bags only to have everything fall out? Have you wished for a nicer looking bag for that perfect picture?